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Rabu, 05 Maret 2014

The Sweetest Dianna Agron

Diposting oleh Desy Amelia Rambe di 08.04
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Hai halloooo xD I'm comeback from long time being busy in real life haha. Apa kabar ini? Cieee elaaa kayak ada yg baca blog ini ajaaa -,- well nope, I'm not hoping someone to read my blog bc it's just for fun to write in my lovely blog ini :)x Kenapa di share? haha cuma iseengg :p terus masalah buat loooee? *loh?

Okay back to the tittle. Has somebody know who's this sweetest girl? What? You don't know Dianna Agron? ouch I bet you're living in the stone world, ewww. Haa you know her? You've watch Glee? If you're not, I don't have any words to you at all pfft. Soooo, I bet you know lah yaaa. Terus pasti uda nonton Glee lah yaaa? Iyaalaaaah yaaa? Iyaallaaahh? lol
Yeah when you ask me "kenapa baru ngepost ttg Dianna sekarang?" well jawabannya aku baru nonton ni drama tv tauuu!! Dalam beberapa hari/minggu ngehabisin nonton 4 seasons! AMAZING!!!
Okay so you know her? omg thanks god for saving me to punch you in the face bc you don't know Dianna Agron lol..

Dianna Agron as Quinn Fabray on Glee

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